Chimineas ~ enjoy warm outdoor living all year!

cast iron chimineas

Chimineas (sometimes spelled 'chimenea') have been popular in Mexico for hundreds of years. Historically, they were made of clay and used for outdoor cooking. Now, you will find chimineas made from cast iron and copper, as well as terracotta clay and they have become the most popular patio accessory for adding warmth and decor to outdoor living spaces.

Chimineas use charcoal or wood for fuel. If you have a clay chiminea, it is recommended that you place a heavy layer of sand on the bottom before burning in the chiminea. Briquettes, fire (presto) logs and wood chips are then put on top of the sand being careful to keep the burning material from touching the clay. One presto log burns for at least four hours.

The biggest advantage of a chiminea is its ability to be used for providing warmth and for cooking food. They make great barbecue grills and many people swear by the wonderful flavoring they add to food, especially food cooked in clay models.

Most chimineas are portable, making them ideal for outdoor environments anywhere in your garden landscape, on your patio or deck or even at the beach. When not being used for a heat source, candles lit inside a chiminea create a beautiful light.

Be sure to check with your local city or municipal regulations before purchasing an outdoor cheminea. Some areas restrict the types of outdoor fireplaces and chimineas that are allowed. Also see patio heaters, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for warming up your outdoor living.

Turkish Chimeneas
Turkish Chimeneas
Beautifully Crafted from the Highest Quality Turkish Copper
This exclusive Southwest-style bronzed Copper Chimenea features a sturdy hammered copper hood that helps to hold and radiate heat. Includes a removable spark guard, heavy-duty wrought iron base and four-sided screen; generously sized hinged door for loading wood. Bronzed copper weathers to a dark patina. Also available in aluminum. Plow & Hearth

Fire Pit Chimenea Combo Fire Pit/Chimenea Combo
Solid Turkish Copper Fire Pit Will Last For Years
Handsomely crafted of hand-spun, heavy-gauge Turkish copper, our Copper Fire Pit offers long-lasting quality and value. The hand-formed copper basin rests in a hand-forged wrought-iron stand and comes with a wood grate and a chrome-plated steel cooking grate. Extra deep, it holds plenty of wood for the evening’s fire. Solid copper will weather naturally over time. Fire Pit/Chimenea Combo includes the 30" Fire Pit and the Chimenea Top. Try the new Mexico Piñon Wood which burns with a soothing, bug-repelling aroma. Plow & Hearth.