Adirondack Furniture ~ an American Classic

Adirondack Dining SetAdirondack furniture history begins with the classic Adirondack Chair in the early 1900's, with its roots in the Adirondack forest preserve in New York State. Thomas Lee, the owner of the Westport Mountain Spring, designed the original chair in 1903. While vacationing with his large family in Westport, N.Y., he wanted a truly comfortable lawn chair to furnish his summer home. He began nailing boards together and testing his prototypes with family members. Each prototype was made from a single pine plank and featured wide armrests that have become the hallmark of the Adirondack style.

After arriving at a final design for the "Westport plank chair," he offered it to Harry Bunnell, a carpenter friend in Westport, who was in need of a winter income. Bunnell quickly realized the chair was the perfect item to sell to Westport's summer residents and apparently without asking Lee's permission, Bunnell filed for and received a patent in 1905. Bunnell manufactured his plank chairs for the next twenty years. His 'Westport Chairs' were all signed and made of hemlock in colors of green or medium dark brown.

The Westport name has evolved into the familiar 'Adirondack' name and has become the mainstay of garden, deck and patio furniture. The style has been extended to other furniture pieces including ottomans for the chairs, benches, porch swings, gliders and tables. Double Adirondack chairs are also produced, with comfortable seating for two people. Adirondack furniture is often made from long-lasting cedar and teak, and in recent years, the Adirondack style has been created in lightweight resins and recycled plastics.

A summer cottage on the lake or in the woods would not be complete without a pair of Adirondack chairs for relaxing moments. Adirondack furniture continues a century-old tradition of comfortable furniture that complements porches, patios, garden landscapes, cabins and cottages. The Adirondack style is a true classic in contemporary outdoor furniture.