Bamboo Patio Furniture ~ Caribbean style!

bamboo patio furnitureBamboo patio furniture has a long history of use in the home for interior and exterior decor. Dating back at least four thousand years, bamboo was used extensively in daily lives in Asia. Some of the earliest Chinese furniture was made from common bamboo. Bamboo is a product unique to Asia and the bamboo industry is well-developed in hot and sunny China.

The warm, natural appearance and durability of bamboo makes it a popular choice for chairs, tables and beds. Bamboo patio furniture is an essential element when you are creating an Oriental theme in your outdoor decor. Bamboo is often used in combination with other materials, such as wood, rattan, metal, and ceramic tile, in endless variation.

As bamboo patio furniture ages it tends to get slightly darker, then takes on a silver-grey look much like weathered cedar and teak woods. This natural aging is appealling to many people, but if you would like to avoid the change of color, be sure to bring your bamboo furniture inside in wet and cold weather.

The look of bamboo patio furniture is re-created with the newer man-made materials and have gained popularity for patio and outdoor settings. This furniture may stand up better to a variety of weather coniditions that would age natural bamboo. It is important to ensure your bamboo furniture does not come in direct contact with soil or wet grass to avoid the possibility of rot.

Bamboo patio furniture goes very well with 'tiki' style patio accessories such as tiki umbrellas and bars. Add a tiki bar, high bar chairs and lounges and enjoy your own 'island' paradise on your patio.