Cedar Patio Furniture comes in a variety of wood tones

cedar patio furnitureCedar is a popular choice in outdoor furniture—it is renowned world-wide for its unique weather-resistant properties. The types of cedar wood used in outdoor furniture include Western Red Cedar, yellow and Eastern White Cedar.

Western Red Cedar is a favorite for furniture due to its warm coloring and rich scent. White cedar is currently a popular trend for 'rustic', or country primitive decor. Cedar has a number of very distinctive characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor use and enjoyment.

Eastern white cedar patio furnitureCedar patio furniture is not the best choice for painted finishes as paint will tend to chip and wear with use. The natural beauty of the wood tones along with the natural oils mean cedar will weather to a warm, attactive silver gray tone over time.

  • Cedar patio furniture stays cool even on hot days.
  • Cedar is a lightweight and dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight—this means it resists the natural tendency to crack and warp in the heat in sun, as other wood species.
  • Western Red Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist decay and rotting—making it the ideal choice for moist or humid climates. These natural oils also mean you can avoid outdoor furniture made with controversial chemically-treated wood—a safer choice for your family and friends.
  • Naturally occurring organic compounds, called thujaplicins, give off the richly distinct cedar aroma that smells so good to humans but makes the wood highly unattractive to insects, moths and other pests.
  • Cedar outdoor furniture can be left unfinished and untreated. As it weathers, the cedar color transforms to medium silvery grays.

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