Garden Furniture ~ create a place to relax and reflect

garden furnitureIn these days of shrinking homes and yards, garden furniture takes on an increasingly important role in providing a place in the garden landscape to pause, appreciate nature and be refreshed. If you work hard to create a flourishing garden, whether it is a calm expanse of lawn or an abundant displays of flowers and foliage, you deserve a special spot to observe and enjoy the results of your efforts. It's a far different experience to look at a garden landscape, than it is to sit within it and let it envelope your senses.

Garden furniture can be rustic, casual or formal in style to complement the style of your garden landscape. There are no design rules to follow, only some considerations such as how you would like to use your outdoor furniture, where the furniture will be placed and whether you want your garden furniture to be temporary or permanent.

wood garden furnitureTraditional garden furniture includes all the familiar outdoor furniture pieces, but by far the most popular is the garden bench. Garden benches in teak, wrought iron or rustic cedar placed along a garden path or in a secret retreat amongst the plantings, welcome all that pass by to take a moment and savor the colors, fragrances and sounds of the garden. Garden benches are not meant for long, relaxing visits, but instead, they invite a visitor to take just a little longer to enjoy their surroundings.

Wood Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture has long been a staple of outdoor living due to its durability and resistance to water and bug damage. Beyond the budgets of most people for many years, garden furniture made from teak and the more affordable lookalike, shorea, are now amongst the most sought-after types of outdoor garden furniture.

Wood garden furniture is not limited to teak. Cedar garden furniture is an excellent choice for furniture in a garden setting as it contains natural oils which help to preserve its beauty and resist decay. Cedar furniture is not damaged by temperature extremes and stands up very well in moist or humid environments. In other words, cedar is the ideal material for a classic Adirondack chair or contemporary chaise lounge set in the midst of your landscape to create your relaxing garden haven.

Metal Garden Furniture

The most popular type of metal garden furniture is made of wrought iron. Most commonly associated with European styling, wrought iron garden furniture is durable and long-lasting and made more comfortable for extended garden visits with the addition of weather-resistant outdoor furniture cushions. Metal garden furniture is better suited to dry regions if all-year enjoyment is a requirement. Wet climates will take a toll on garden furniture made of wrought iron if it is left outdoors all year.

Contemporary garden furniture in aluminium and stainless steel is ideal for a modern look in your garden, but will vary in weather-resistance. Many designers are creating outdoor furniture that can be placed in the garden in the summer season, or all-year in dry regions, which creates a focal point of interest with its artistic qualities.

Resin Garden Furniture

enjoying outdoor garden furnitureMany new styles of resin wicker and rattan garden furniture are available and will withstand the conditions of a garden setting. You can create a charming garden getaway with a bistro set tucked away in an area of your garden, to enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea. Ideally, resin garden should be be placed on a platform of stone or brick to prevent damage to the furniture legs from the moisture in the soil or lawn.

Enclose a special garden area with an arbor or gazebo, place your favorite garden furniture within and you will find yourself rewarded with a delightful private oasis.