Wrought Iron Patio Furniture ~ care and cleaning

wrought iron patio furnitureWrought iron patio furniture is often powder coated and painted, and although the wrought iron will rust in wet conditions if the coating is scratched or damaged, it is easily touched up with paint to prevent further rusting. Furniture that has a "powder coat", applied by spraying electrostatically charged dry paint onto the grounded metal furniture frame and then baking, needs a special touch-up paint available from the furniture manufacturer.

Inspect your wrought iron outdoor furniture regularly, especially check any welded seams, to catch any scratches or nicks that need to be painted. If the paint is peeling or rust has started to appear, sand down to bare metal, prime and coat with a rust-resistant metal paint rated for exterior use. Follow up with car wax. If the furniture has an ornate design—use spray wax.

While wrought iron patio furniture withstands all weather conditions, furniture with wood, cushions, or a folding style, will require some precautions to protect them. Movable parts and hardware will be subject to rust, so ensure they are well oiled. Store folding wrought iron furniture in a dry place for the winter. Be sure to clean and dry throughoughly before putting your furniture in storage. Cover to make sure no moisture lands on the furniture.

The metal frames of wrought iron patio furniture should be washed with an automotive soap and thoroughly rinsed. It is recommended that at least twice a year, you wax the frames with an automotive wash/wax product. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

The frames should be rinsed thoroughly to remove any residue. It is strongly recommended that before waxing the frames, the frames should be inspected for chips in the finish, which may occur under normal usage. Any chips or scratches can be easily repaired with touch-up paint. Simple maintenance of your wrought iron patio furniture will insure a lifetime of problem-free usage.