Mahogany Patio Furniture is ideal for a rich, luxurious outdoor decor

Mahogany Patio FurnitureMahogany (Red Balau or Meranti), typically from West Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and the Philipines, is a durable and high quality hardwood—an extremely hard, clear grade, tight grained wood with very little color variation.

Mahogany is a fine-grained hardwood with deep rich red tone and subtle fine brown lines or ribbon strips.

Mahogany is naturally resistant to shrinking, splintering, and checking, making it the ideal choice in natural hardwoods for today’s outdoor living lifestyle. Its deep, rich coloring mahogany patio chairproduces furniture with a luxurious, inviting look that is ideal for any outdoor setting.

Mahogany has been the choice of boat builders and furniture makers around the world for hundreds of years. It's superior durability makes mahogany a wise investment for many years of outdoor living enjoyment.

As with other tropical hardwoods, it is important to purchase mahogany patio furniture produced only from plantation-grown woods from companies using environmentally sound growth and harvesting practices.

  • Mahogany is naturally resistant to rot, decay and fire.
  • Quality mahogany is more than four times harder than California Redwood and cedar.
  • When left untreated, mahogany weathers to a soft gray.
  • Mahogany is much more scratch resistant than Cedar or Pine
  • Seasons/weathers well with minimal shrinkage and checking.
  • As with other hardwoods, mahogany is harvested from strictly regulated, government managed, permanent forests.