Outdoor Lighting ~ add a little magic to your summer evenings

outdoor lightingNothing is more magical-looking than the sparkle of outdoor lights on a patio or a garden landscape. Whether you want to light up your outdoor space for summer entertaining or a special occasion, or you want to enjoy the subtle and magical effect throughout the season—there are many ways to add lighting to your outdoor decor and landscape.

Outdoor lighting can be dramatic with large lanterns or a grouping of solar lights to create a highly lit area, or, it can be subtle with the sparkle and twinkle of a string of decorative outdoor lights, a collection of candles or even a single tiki torch as a focal point.

Which Outdoor Lighting is Best for Your Home

When adding outdoor lighting to your patio, here's some things you want to consider before making your patio lighting purchase:

  • how much light is required: high to low
  • how much area do you need to light
  • is there access to electricity
  • is the lighting permanent or temporary
  • what type of support is available for outdoor lighting, if any

Solar Outdoor Lighting

The selection of outdoor solar lights has increased significantly in recent years as manufacturers expand the variety of styles available to suit most home designs and landscapes. The efficiency of solar lights has also improved with larger storage cells making solar lights one of the best choices for outdoor lighting requirements ranging from single lights to complete landscape installations.

In addition to adding the magical effect to your landscape, outdoor lighting also improves safety when you added to paths or areas where people will be walking and also enhancing security, as outdoor lighting deters unwanted guests from entering your property.