Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions ~ Care & Cleaning

outdoor furniture cushionsPatio furniture cushions are often covered in acrylic or polyester-coated vinyl fabric. Acrylics, such as Sunbrella, are coated with a moisture- and stain-resistant finish. Detergents will remove this finish, so clean this fabric with a gentle soap.

If the fabric is stained or mildewed, or if water no longer beads on the surface, wash with one-half cup of nonchlorine bleach in five gallons of water, then reapply an outdoor fabric finish.

Polyester-vinyl fabrics do not need this coating. Brush away dust, then clean with soap. For stubborn mildew, use a bleach solution.

The best protection against water and weather damage is to store your cushions inside when the weather is wet. If your outdoor furniture cushions do become wet, stand them on end to speed drying and to allow air to circulate and dry throughout.

See online sources for patio furniture cushions.