Porch Swings ~ A Place to Create Summer Memories

pine patio furniturePorch swings remind us of summers past. We have charming memories of cuddling with Mom, Dad or a grandparent on a front porch swing lazily sharing sweet, private moments. Making the kind of memories that stay with us forever. It seems no other outdoor place has this special ability to draw people close together. Maybe it's the comfort of its gentle swinging that takes us back to early memories of rocking in our mother's arms that soothes us and gives the porch swing such a warm place in our hearts.

What better place to have a heart-to-heart talk with family or friends and how many marriages started out with a proposal on front porch swings? How many wonderful songs have been strummed on an old guitar on a hot summer night? We have so many visions of touching moments that involve porch swings that they surely have an important place in our culture.

Porch Swings are a Place for Poets and Dreamers

The gentle rocking motion of a porch swing is ideal for calming frazzled nerves after a long work day, pondering life's challenges or working through important decisions or problems. It seems even the suspension in air, released from the pull of earthly gravity, lightens our thoughts and cares. I wonder how many great poems have been conceived as a poet sways in a summer breeze, contemplating the sparkling night sky above.

And you don't have to travel to a country farm to enjoy the pleasure that porch swings have to offer. Classic porch swing styles from elegant teak designs to cosy wicker styles fit most outdoor decor. Contemporary styling and materials have expanded the choices for modern homes to make porch swings a wonderful alternative to benches and chairs. Newer faux wicker materials which are weather-resistant and more durable than real wicker are very popular.

It's time for you to start making new memories for your family and friends to treasure by adding a porch swing to your front or back porch.

Forget the Porch

Don't worry, if you don't have a porch, look for a free-standing model to sit on your deck or lawn! As long as you have a stable surface, you can place a swing almost anywhere in your yard. If you're lucky enough to have a big, strong tree in your yard, then you have a wonderful place for an swing.