Resin Patio Furniture ~ Care & Cleaning Tips

Resin patio furniture plastic is porous, so stains sink in. We have all been disappointed to find mildew stains, dirt stains or even food stains on our white resin patio furniture. Hot dog mustard is a horror, and resin furniture is not spared!

The truth is, with resin furniture, you really do get what you pay for. If you aren't concerned about your furniture lasting more than a season or two, the cheaper resin might be fine. If you don't care to replace your patio furniture often, then consider investing in better quality outdoor resin furniture and be sure to clean and store it carefully each season.

resin patio loungerResin patio furniture tends to show its age quickly if not cleaned throroughly after the summer season and then stored in a secure, dry place through the cold and wet winter months. Remember resin can scratch, so protective patio furniture covers are a good idea for resin furniture too.

To prevent stains from setting in the plastic, apply car wax. If already stained, try scrubbing with a mild detergent or dishwashing soap. If that doesn't work, try a 10 percent solution of bleach or vinegar with water, or use a resin-furniture cleaner or a deck wash with phosphoric acid.

Nonabrasive household cleaners may also work. You may be tempted if your resin furniture is badly stained, but never use an abrasive cleaner. It will scratch the surface and then proceed to trap dirt and oils which is next to impossible to clean.

Once the surface is cleaned, polish with car wax to protect.

See online shops for resin patio furniture.