Teak Patio Furniture ~ Care & Cleaning Tips

Teak patio furniture has long been a favorite for patios and decks. Teak wood is the first choice for long lasting marine and outdoor furniture.

Teak, like many tropical hardwoods, is saturated with a hard waxy oil substance that protects the wood from bugs, disease, mold, and the effects of weather and the sun. This protecting oil greatly reduces the damaging effects of weather over the years but does not eliminate aging completely. Left alone, teak's golden brown color will change to a lustrous silver-grey within a year.

teak garden benchMany products are available that will maintain the beauty of your teak patio furniture and it is very important to select the right one. Some products called 'teak oil' are suitable for indoor teak furniture, but some may actually promote growth of mold. If you choose to treat your teak furniture, choose a high quality teak oil and read the product label to make sure the product is intended for use on outdoor teak furniture.

Apply an annual oiling with high quality teak oil, to maintain or increase a darker lustre, as follows:

  • Clean furniture with soapy water, rinsing with a garden hose or use a teak deck cleaner, readily available in marine shops.
  • Ensure your teak urniture is completely dry, as moisture trapped within the wood may cause black mildew spots to appear after oiling. Your furniture may take over 48 hours to dry out fully after a rain.
  • For a smoother finish sand lightly with fine sand paper.
  • Ensure the teak is clean and free of dust.
  • For outdoor furniture use only high quality teak oil, available through marine suppliers. Follow the instructions on the teak oil for application.
  • For super smooth finish, apply oil two to three times and sand between the layers with fine sandpaper.
  • Teak oil will trap dirt and darken with age. Should this occur, scrub and preferably sand to remove old oil and then re-coat.

Consider purchasing patio furniture covers to help extend the life of your teak patio furniture.

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