Patio Umbrellas ~ Care & Cleaning Tips

Patio umbrellas are usually made of acrylic, polyester-vinyl fabic or cotton canvas. Cleaning is similar to the cleaning of patio cushions.

Clean the fabric with a gentle soap. For stubborn stains, scrub gently with a soft brush.

If the fabric is stained or mildewed, or if water no longer beads on the surface, wash with 1/2 cup of nonchlorine bleach in 5 gallons of water, then reapply an outdoor fabric finish.

Patio UmbrellaPolyester-vinyl fabrics do not need this coating. Brush away dust, then clean with soap. For stubborn mildew, use a bleach solution.

For easy access during cleaning, open the patio umbrella on a driveway, deck or patio.

Prevent mildew during storage by ensuring your patio umbrella is completely dry when put into storage. Specially-designed patio umbrella covers are available to protect your umbrella while in storage or cover with an old cotton sheet in a dry place.