Wicker Patio Furniture ~ Care & Cleaning Tips

For both traditional and 'outdoor' or weatherproof wicker patio furniture (woven from resin or coated paper), the biggest challenge is dealing with the textured surface.

To remove dust, or loose dirt, vacuum or use a soft-bristled brush. If that isn't enough to remove the dirt from your wicker patio furniture, scrub with soap and water.

Wicker Patio FurnitureIf traditional (real) wicker cracks, this indicates the fibers are too dry. Apply boiled linseed oil, and wipe dry. Remember the used rags are flammable, so soak them in water and wrap tightly before disposing.

To repair traditional wicker patio furniture, apply a damp towel to any loosen strands until they become flexible enough to re-weave. This usually takes up to an hour. If necessary, tack with a furniture tack or brad.

See online shops for wicker patio furniture.