Wood Patio Furniture ~ Care & Cleaning Tips

Painted or stained wood patio furniture should be cleaned with a cloth and soap and water. If repainting is necessary, roughen glossy paint with light sandpaper or use TSP (trisodium-phosphate) cleaner before painting. Be sure to wipe very clean after sanding to remove dust and particles.

Be sure to scrape off any loose paint and sand to smooth edges of paint on remaining areas. Clean thoroughly and prime. Allow to dry thoroughly, then repaint.

Stained wood is easier to care for as stains do not peel. For deep-cleaning of clear-stained wood patio furniture, use deck wash and then apply stain.

wood patio furnitureTo retain the natural color of the wood patio furniture, choose a stain with 'semitransparent' pigments in a tone that matches the wood. The stain will block ultraviolet rays, which break down the wood fibers.

To apply color to unfinished wood patio furniture, choose an opaque stain, which looks like flat paint. Paint on cedar and teak has a tendency to blister and peel over time and will need to be re-painted more often. Cedar and teak age beautifully without any wood treatment, so consider retaining the natural surface of these woods.

There are a number of hardwoods on the market that have the look of teak. Be sure to determine what kind of wood your outdoor furniture is made of before using any products intended for use on teak.