Features of Wood Patio Furniture

wood patio furnitureWood patio furniture is made from a variety of woods which each have their distinctive styles, features and benefits. The most common types of wood used in outdoor furniture production are pine, cedar, mahogany, teak and exotic or tropical hardwoods. If you want to create a setting on your patio or deck which compliments and enhances the natural surroundings of your yard, then wood outdoor furniture will be your choice.

In general, wood patio furniture is versatile, long-lasting and easy to care for. Each wood type has specific characteristics that may influence your selection. Review the following information to help you make the best decision for your outdoor living style and activities.

An important decision to make when choosing wood patio furniture is the type of finish you prefer. If your style preference is for rich, natural wood color, then mahogany or Western Red Cedar will appeal to you. If you prefer a lighter color in your outdoor furniture, then white pine or Eastern White cedar may be your choice.

painted wood patio furnitureIf you prefer painted wood patio furniture, be aware that paint will always wear with outdoor use and will need to be re-painted to keep it looking good. Pine or cypress is a good choice for painted furniture as it is economical and will hold a paint better than a wood with larger amounts of natural oils. Transparent stains are an alternative that will give a hint of color and still allow the wood grain to show. Be sure to use non-toxic paints and stains for your patio furniture as a safer, environmentally friendly choice.

A number of environmental objections plague many wood outdoor furniture products. In particular, tropical lumber harvesting devastates rainforests and old growth deforestation threatens endangered species. Be sure to research your choice of outdoor furniture and ensure that is made by companies that practice envrionmentally-sound growing and harvesting practices.

Types of wood patio furniture include: