Wrought Iron Patio Furniture ~ country casual to European sophistication

Wrought iron patio furniture has become one of the most popular furniture styles for outdoor, garden and patio settings. The strength and durability of wrought iron are well-known. Now, the variety of styles in furniture made of wrought iron range from the rustic look of 'country' wrought iron benches to the European flair of Parisian 'bistro' sets.

Rustic or country styles in wrought patio iron furniture are ideal for large wood deck or garden areas or for your summer cottage. European or contemporary wrought iron patio furniture adds a sophisticated, elegant style to stone patios, poolside or balconies.

wrought iron patio furnitureRustic wrought iron patio furniture tends to be heavier and more roughly designed than European styles with their intricate patterns and motifs. The rustic style often requires more space to look balanced, while European styles can often look charming in a small or densely planted spot. Each has its place and will enhance its surroundings in the appropriate outdoor setting.

You will find many craftspeople working with wrought iron to create one-of-kind patio furniture pieces that are treasured for many, many years.

One of the biggest appeals of wrought iron is that it is seemingly indestructible. With little maintenance, wrought iron patio furniture can last generations. Rust is a problem only if outdoor furniture is left in extremely wet locations and can be remedied if caught early with a light sanding. As with most outdoor furniture, it is always best to bring your furniture indoors through the winter season and to cover it if you have a spell of wet weather.

To restore a brighter surface to your wrought iron patio furniture, simply give it a light rubbing with oil to get rid of the dull weathered look. Wipe the furniture pieces down thoroughly to remove and excess oil and to 'polish' the wrought iron.

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