Teak patio furniture ~ timeless beauty, durability and comfort

Teak patio furniture

Teak patio furniture is right choice for many years of outdoor living enjoyment! Teak patio furniture has been popular through the years for its classic elegance and durability. The tradition of teak outdoor furniture continues with quality plantation grown teak. Teak is the most weather resistant wood in the world and is practically maintenance free because it is such a hard wood.

Teak chairs, tables, benches and loungers last for decades through all weather conditions and a wide range of seasonal temperatures without paint or preservatives. When the furniture is outdoors and untreated, the sun and rain will change all colors to an even, warm, silvery grey. Teak preservatives are available if you wish to maintain the warm amber color of the wood. Be sure to use only products recommended especially for teak to treat your teak patio furniture.

Teak, a tropical hardwood, is saturated with a hard waxy oil substance that protects the wood from bugs, disease, mold and the effects of weather and the sun. Natural teak timber varies widely in color from soft, even blonde to rich patterns of golden amber and deep brown.

Features of Teak Patio Furniture

  • strong and durable
  • resistant to mould
  • will not warp
  • resistant to all weather conditions—heat and sun
  • traditional design is classic and timeless, while modern interpretations offer updated look
  • popular trend in teak patio furniture is to use in combination with aluminium or stainless steel for contemporary styling
  • ages to a soft silver-grey when left untreated
  • look for older wood with a tighter grain—it is higher quality and lasts longer
  • buy from a reputable source that uses certified timber from government-managed forests

Teak Dining Sets


Teak wood is universally recognized for its quality, durability, and beauty.
Teak is a very hard, densely grained wood with high oil content.
The unique combination of these characteristics makes teak naturally resistant
to moisture, rot, warping, shrinking, splintering, insects and fungus.
It is considered the ideal wood for outdoor furniture.

**Protect Your Teak Patio Furniture

Super-Penetrating Penofin Oil Protects Hardwood Furniture
Penofin Protective Oil is the only oil that can penetrate the dense fibers of tropical hardwoods to protect and maintain their finish. Penofin soaks deep, coating wood fibers from the inside out to prevent fading and surface cracks. Specially made to protect eucalyptus, mahogany, teak, other hardwoods. Earth-friendly, environmentally safe. Gardener's Supply.


Spirit Song Teak Bench
Spirit Song BenchMore than a piece of furniture, the Spirit Song Bench is a dramatic sculptural statement that defines an entire garden. The craftsmen who make American Eco-Teak have put all their talent into this award-winning design. Using the most durable and dense hardwood, they have crafted a bench with the rippling form of water. The usual demarcations of front legs, back legs and seat all flow into one. The comfort is exceptional, the look is one of a kind, and the construction is impeccable. This bench will literally be a treasured family heirloom.