Bamboo Patio Furniture ~ create an Oriental or Caribbean haven

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture

Outdoor bamboo furniture is made from an environmentally friendly material—natural, beautiful and warm. Bamboo weathers much like cedar wood, first getting darker and ending up a soft silver grey color and lasting many years outdoors. Although it is somewhat durable you must take care with bamboo outdoors—avoid direct contact with the earth to prevent rot. In strong sunlight, the varnish will breakdown and the bamboo will begin to weather. Bamboo is a natural material that will split and crack—but this is not considered a defect.

Bamboo outdoor furniture is not to be confused with cane or rattan furniture—bamboo has a more robust appearance, style and individuality not found in these other materials. Bamboo is the ideal material for casual outdoor furniture to create an ethnic or 'beach-loving' style. It blends in beautifully with a natural surrounding of trees, plants and flowers. Bamboo has been used in furniture in prices ranging from economy to high-end elegant and sophisticated.

If you love the look of bamboo furniture, but prefer greater durability, consider faux bamboo furniture produced in cast aluminium or resin. These materials create excellent 'replicas' of bamboo and are often hard to tell from the real thing until you touch them.

Features of Bamboo Patio Furniture

  • bamboo furniture is lightweight and durable
  • tropical styling suits most outdoor settings
  • bamboo furniture looks great inside too!


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