Cedar Patio Furniture ~ enjoy the warm, forest scent of cedar

cedar patio furniture

Cedar patio furniture has many features that set it apart from other wood outdoor furniture. Natural oils in cedar retain its beauty when it is left untreated or unfinished. These oils also naturally help to resist rotting and decay—making cedar furniture great for moist or humid environments. Cedar's natural ability to withstand temperature ranges and weather conditions make it the ideal material for patio and poolside furniture.

Over time, outdoor cedar furniture matures to a classic silver-gray retaining some darker grains in the wood. Cedar is a lightweight and geometrically stable wood that stays straight. It resists the natural tendency to crack, which is not found in most other types of wood used for making outdoor furniture.

The classic Adirondack chairs and furniture are often made from Western red cedar—be sure to visit our sections on Adirondack Furniture and Rustic Outdoor Furniture for more Cedar furniture ideas.

Features of Cedar Patio Furniture

  • designed to be sturdy, durable and very comfortable
  • lightweight wood that doesn't warp or crack
  • cedar patio furniture stays cool in hot weather
  • natural oils help to resist decay—great for moist or humid environments
  • cedar furniture has a wonderful natural scent when left unfinished
  • resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • cedar patio furniture ages to warm silver-grey over time