Contemporary Patio Furniture ~ modern patio living!

Contemporary patio furniture

Contemporary patio furniture from renowned international designers and architects brings the sleek styling, sophisticated color and new materials to complement your modern outdor decor.

The trend in outdoor living continues this year with the furniture made from warm wood and refined steel or aluminium styling. Metal brings a sophisticated, ultra-modern look to your patio, deck or poolside, along with innovative weather resistant and long-wearing fabrics.

Designers Focus on Outdoor Rooms

Modern patio furniture features the aesthetic values, but not at the expense of comfort and economy. Designers have brought their talents for creating inviting, comfortable indoor furniture to the design of contemporary furniture for outdoor decor. You can create an outdoor dining or living room on your patio or deck with all of the style and comfort of your interior. Co-ordinated outdoor furniture and accessories mean you can easily carry your interior design themes to enjoy out in the fresh air!

Spirit Song BenchSpirit Song Teak Bench
Teak BenchMore than a piece of furniture, the Spirit Song Bench is a dramatic sculptural statement that defines an entire garden. The craftsmen who make American Eco-Teak have put all their talent into this award-winning design. Using the most durable and dense hardwood, they have crafted a bench with the rippling form of water.

The usual demarcations of front legs, back legs and seat all flow into one. The comfort is exceptional, the look is one of a kind, and the construction is impeccable. This bench will literally be a treasured family heirloom.

Crafted one at a time as a Straight Bench or gently Curved Bench—made of the highest quality Reforest Teak.