Garden Benches ~ a long tradition of relaxing outdoors

garden benches

Garden benches have a long history as traditional seating in gardens and outdoor landscapes. Whether your style is warm woods like teak or cedar or the European-styling of wrought iron, you'll love to relax and enjoy your garden from a comfortable outdoor bench.

The styling of garden benches varies greatly from the classicstyle we associate with an English country garden setting, to the modern interpretation in recyled materials. Don't forget the ancient stone benches the philosophers would frequent to ponder their thoughts and ideas.

Garden benches have found their way out of the garden setting to serve as welcome seating at entranceways, on boulevards or as additional seating on patios and decks. Every breath-taking view and glorious garden display deserves an outdoor resting place nearby to make sure they are fully enjoyed.

A bench in a garden seetting is a symbol of all that we enjoy in our outdoor living and garden landscapes —relaxation, serenity and appreciation of nature—a welcoming feature to enjoy for years as you watch your garden grow.

Lutyens Garden Bench

Lutyens Garden Bench
Traditional Garden Bench in Durable Eucalyptus Wood
Transform your backyard or patio into a sanctuary of repose. Inspired by the designs of renowned British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, this traditional English garden bench is crafted of eco-friendly, weather-resistant eucalyptus with top-quality mortise and tenon joinery with a smooth contoured back for seating comfort. You'll enjoy this bench's beauty and durability for years to come. Plow & Hearth.
Bamboo Garden Bench
Bamboo Bench
For a beautiful, rustic accent in the garden or for sturdy extra seating on the deck or patio, you can't beat this versatile bamboo bench. Strong bamboo poles are bound with wire using ancient lashing techniques for durability. No maintenance required; the dark patina will weather to an even, natural tone over time. Folding legs make it easy to store. Plow & Hearth.

Teak Garden Bench


Spirit Song Teak Bench
Spirit Song BenchMore than a piece of furniture, the Spirit Song Bench is a dramatic sculptural statement that defines an entire garden. The craftsmen who make American Eco-Teak have put all their talent into this award-winning design. Using the most durable and dense hardwood, they have crafted a bench with the rippling form of water.The usual demarcations of front legs, back legs and seat all flow into one. The comfort is exceptional, the look is one of a kind, and the construction is impeccable. This bench will literally be a treasured family heirloom. Crafted one at a time as a Straight Bench or gently Curved Bench—made of the highest quality Reforest Teak.