Outdoor Fireplaces ~ for cool summer evenings!

Outdoor Fireplace

When you love to be outdoors as much as possible, you willl absolutely love sitting around an outdoor fireplace on a cool summer evening or crisp fall day.

Outdoor fireplaces are an essential item if you are planning an outdoor room for relaxing or entertaining on summer evenings—make sure you're prepared for cool evenings. With new weatherproof materials available on patio furniture extending the time we spend in our outdoor living spaces—a fireplace is a must-have!

New on the market is the granite fire table, which serves as a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture as well as a patio 'fireplace.'

Be sure to check with your local city or municipal regulations before purchasing an outdoor fireplace for your patio or garden landscape. Some areas restrict the types of outdoor fireplaces that are allowed.

Also see patio heaters, outdoor fire pits and chimeneas for warming up your outdoor living.

Shanxi Granite Hearth Table Shanxi Granite Outdoor Hearth Table
Handcrafted outdoor hearth table has a stainless steel fire pit in the center of its solid granite surface. Also accommodates a grill surface or ice basin. Hammacher Schlemmer