Patio Accessories & Accents ~ a unique collection for your patio decor

Patio accessories and accents are those items that complete your outdoor decor in both style and function.

Once you have your main outdoor furniture pieces in place on your patio or deck, it's time to add accessories and accents that will allow you to enjoy your time outdoors, whether you're lounging, dining or entertaining, without running back into the house for things you need.

Patio Accessories for Outdoor Rooms

Patio accessories and accents are the final touch you put on your outdoor decor to add a personality and style all your own. Adding outdoor accents is the ideal way to tie together your interior decor with your outdoor decor for a seamless transition in living space. This is the secret to creating outdoor rooms that feel and acct like a natural extension to your home. This year the selection is better than ever!

Patio accessories, in addition to adding style and comfort, also add functionality to your outdoor space. From outdoor bars and serving trays, to wireless speakers systems to festive lights and dinnerware ~ relaxing, dining and summer entertaining on your patio has never been better! And don't forget to protect from the summer sun with a summer shade sail or canopy!

Outdoor LCD Television

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Room ~ Bright Screen Outdoor LCD Television
This weather-resistant 20.1" LCD TV is suitable for permanent installation and use outdoors, even in winter. Hammacher Schlemmer.