Patio Umbrellas ~ style and protection for outdoor living

patio umbrella

When the summer sun travels high in the sky, a patio umbrella is a must-have to extend the enjoyment of your patio, balcony or garden.

Patio or market umbrellas come in many colors and styles and can be coordinated with the fabric of the cushions on your patio and lawn furniture.

You will also find a variety of supports for patio umbrellas including offset, tilting and stand-alone.

Consider the spot you want to place your umbrella and what type of activities go on in the surrounding area. Safety, stability and access are very important considerations when setting up your patio umbrella.

In these days of concern about the health effects of the sun, a patio umbrella or sunbrella will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living without risking excessive exposure to harmful sun rays. Weatherproof fabrics which do not fade and are not damaged by rainy summer days mean your patio umbrella should last many years.