Wood Patio Furniture ~ cedar, pine, mahogany and eucalyptus

Hardwood Patio Furniture

Wood patio furniture is made from a variety of woods which each have their distinctive styles, features and benefits. The most common types of wood used in outdoor furniture production are pine, cedar, mahogany, teak and exotic or tropical hardwoods. In general, wood furniture for outdoors is versatile, long-lasting and easy to care for. If you want to create a setting on your patio or deck which compliments and enhances the natural surroundings of your yard—then wood outdoor furniture suit you.

Each wood type has specific characteristics that may influence your selection. An important decision to make when choosing wood patio furniture is the type of finish you prefer. If your style preference is for rich, natural wood color, then mahogany or Western Red Cedar will appeal to you. If you prefer a lighter color in your outdoor furniture, then white pine or Eastern White cedar may be your choice.

A number of environmental concerns plague many wood outdoor furniture products. In particular, tropical lumber harvesting devastates rainforests and old growth deforestation threatens endangered species. Be sure to research your choice of outdoor furniture and ensure that is made by companies that practice environmentally-sound or 'eco-friendly' growing and harvesting practices.

Patio Table & Self-Storing Chairs
Self-storing Wood Patio Table and Chairs

Shorea Patio Table & Self-Storing Chairs
This space-efficient table and chair set is ideal for use on a patio or for an outdoor garden where space is limited. It offers convenient out-of-the-way storage and can be easily relocated to another indoor or outdoor area if desired.

Constructed of Shorea (a wood preferred for its outdoor, weather-resistant durability), the wood is sealed with a protective oil finish so that it resists the damaging effects of harsh weather and gently grays to a silver color with time. The set includes a 42-inch wide octagonal table with four folding chairs. Chairs stack underneath the table when not in use. Hammacher Schlemmer.


Half-Circle Wood Patio Table and Chairs

Half-Circle Table and Chairs
Half-circle table is designed for narrow spaces such as hallways, balconies, sidewalks, or terraces, with a folding gate leg that allows for easy storage. With the Half-Circle Umbrella Hammacher Schlemmer.

Indoor/Outdoor Mahogany Glider Indoor/Outdoor Mahogany Glider
Classically designed and constructed for outdoor use or casual indoor settings, this furniture is crafted from solid Malaysian mahogany, sturdily constructed for years of use. Reminiscent of "platform rockers" from the early 1900s, each piece is finished with a natural wood preservative to protect it against the elements. Ball-bearing suspension ensures a smooth, relaxing motion. Hammacher Schlemmer.

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